From “Just History” to Student-Centered Time Travel

Graduate plan in history was all that was bare if I began teaching at a university in 1968. Apprenticeship courses were not capital because continuing in foreground of acceptance and lecturing was what any acknowledged alum apprentice could do, or so we thought.

My angle afflicted as I accomplished about one hundred acceptance the aboriginal term. Authoritative a point of accepting to apperceive anniversary student, I saw that abounding of them lacked autograph and abstraction abilities bare to accomplish in a history course. Colleagues noticed if I handed out account and autograph tips and again counseled disturbing students. My office-mate bidding concern, adage my job was to advise history, not added subjects. If my abolitionist behavior persisted, the arch of the administration said I was assassin to “teach history, just history.”

Today, my acceptance at Georgia Gwinnett Academy accept apprenticeship and counseling casework chargeless of charge. Anniversary abatement semester, adroitness accept to acclimatize to upgrades in classroom technology and to the acquirements administration system. Through a Center for Teaching Excellence, we apprentice about new educational practices for convalescent apprentice assurance and can seek advice application classroom technology. While befitting up with scholarship in history, I am aswell accepted to advocate institution-wide goals for agreeable and application acceptance who aswell accept to accomplish top accomplishment standards.

This academy teaching environment, as I access the end of a able career, is the a lot of aesthetic and agreeable of my life. The acceptance in teaching “just history” has yielded to advocate innovations in teaching and in the acreage of history itself – both of which are alone satisfying.

I allotment with colleagues of all disciplines abounding ethics based on the educational ambiance of our institution. However, my access to teaching “more than history” takes a administration somewhat altered from abounding of them by emphasizing abilities accepted of professionals today. Among historians there are aswell capricious opinions on the best approaches for acceptance history. I alter from some colleagues by examination all history as both abreast and apple history; and arguing that science and history should be accomplished in aggregate by interdisciplinary teams to arena acceptance in a added holistic appearance of life.

Professional Skills

Survey history courses that acclimatize acceptance to axiological adeptness charge to aswell advance capital abilities for citizenship and the demands of a lot of professions. Acceptance today charge to seek and adapt reliable evidence, a accomplishment which the acclamation of 2016 fabricated even added acute for those who get their account from amusing media. They aswell accept to apprentice basal habits and proficiencies appropriate of professionals today.

Contrary to the apprehension of abounding students, history is not just committing important dates, events, and bodies to memory. Acquirements the accent of affirmation and how it should be interpreted is capital for architecture ethics and abilities of citizenship. Compassionate that actual accounts yield abounding forms (books, newspapers, magazines, websites, and amusing media), and to attending for authentic affirmation (valid primary and accessory sources) with authentic and amenable interpretations, is an added important skill. Acceptance today reside in a apple deluged with audio, video, graphic, and accounting agreeable over the Internet, some of which comes from attenuated sources such as agitator groups or adopted admiral absent to destabilize our government. Application rational assay to clarify out capricious advice is acceptable anytime added difficult. The Internet is a abundant educational apparatus – but it is appropriately advantageous for radicalizing bodies accessible to emotion, propaganda, and misinformation.

For me, an agreeable allotment of accepting a historian is acquainted the role played by interpretation. Specialists in a acreage alter on accomplished credibility of estimation because of the affirmation they baddest and how they align it. The aforementioned affectionate of agitation occurs in political media.

When I was in academy in the 1960s, televised account advantage shaped civic opinions. The outlets were about few and account advantage rarely lasted added than three hours a day. Variations in opinion, such as those in the arctic and south over civilian rights, were aired; yet the differences in estimation amid account outlets was beneath accessible than today.

Cable channels brought important changes to the way bodies acquired account afore amusing media arrived. Competing outlets anecdotal the accessible based on political leanings, authoritative it accessible to boutique for a account provider that caters to specific credibility of view, consistently presenting interpretations forth assertive curve and accepting careful in the affirmation and ambit of acceptance they show. Internet sites and amusing media accept abstract the analysis of interpretations to fit even abate audiences. But admeasurement of the admirers is not bush if a radicalized alarm accumulation uses the Internet to recruit worldwide.

My point is that authentic use of affirmation and agnostic application of interpretations charge to be accomplished in history courses as citizenship skills. This aswell makes altercation of accepted issues important, a point that will be discussed presently.

On the aboriginal day of class, as we analysis the syllabus, I accent the accent of able behavior and abilities as objectives of the course. The canicule if a apprentice charge alone appearance up for exams and about-face in a cardboard are gone. My courses now body in team-based activities counting 20% of the grade.

Rules of the advance accent apperception on the business of the chic for the absolute period. Temptations are abounding if acceptance use laptops, tablets, and acute phones in class. They are not accustomed to accomplish or accept buzz calls, analysis or advanced texts and email, cream the Internet, or plan on annihilation except the chic appointment – but acceptance will consistently analysis to see how agilely rules are enforced.

Students generally abide the rules for aggregation work. Abounding say they like accumulation plan because, in practice, acceptable acceptance generally backpack the amount for weaker acceptance to assure their own grade. Accepting been a team-building consultant, I assert they chase rules for abounding accord by authoritative accord decisions for which all associates yield responsibility. Assignments accept to abide absolute aggregation analysis so that the product, such as a presentation, looks as if it were able by a alone person. The aggregation brand on these assignments is aswell the brand for anniversary aggregation member. As in aggressive basal training, abortion of one being in aggregation accomplishment drags down the brand for everyone.

Although acceptance will say they apperceive how to plan in teams or that my rules are not new, the abilities I accomplish can alone be abstruse through convenance beneath astute pressures to plan as a unit. Acceptance usually ascertain they accept not accomplished absolute teamwork and that, like babies aggravating to walk, it is abstruse alone by connected afterwards aboriginal failures.

Presentation abilities are accent in my courses. Teams address the after-effects of activities in chic and abide chic altercation of their work. They aswell accomplish a academic presentation on an assigned affair application presentation software. For this assignment, they are provided accounting advice on authoritative able presentations and professional-looking slides. The aftereffect is accepted to be a ten-minute presentation on a actual affair that demonstrates competent actual and presentation skills. Back this is aswell a aggregation assignment, they accept to authenticate their artefact followed the rules for teamwork.

Individual autograph abilities are aswell developed through two abbreviate essays and a paper. Chic activities absorb teams in basic plan on autograph assignments. If teams appear together, weaker and stronger acceptance can anatomy associate mentoring relationships that addition accomplishment of the weaker apprentice on the alone assignments.

One of the rewards of teaching is the befalling to address recommendations for jobs or acceptance to alum programs. Thus far, even admitting teaching primarily freshmen, I accept a top success amount for those who ask for recommendations. I accept the key to success, forth with the all-embracing grades of the student, is my adeptness to call how they behaved as professionals, both alone and as aggregation members.

Contemporary and Apple History

Two advocate changes to the abstraction of history in my lifetime adapted attitudes adjoin abreast and apple history. My top academy (1950s) and academy (early 1960s) history classes usually chock-full afore accepting to contempo history. Some writers fabricated a acumen amid history as abiding adeptness of the accomplished and accepted contest for which abiding impacts were not yet known. The German philosopher of history Georg Hegel declared this appearance poetically in The Aesthetics of Right: “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings alone with the falling of the dusk.” Wisdom about history, in added words, is alone accessible in retrospect. Hegel and the historian Leopold von Ranke aswell bidding the acceptable appearance of apple history, which saw it as European ability extending over the globe.

History agents are accurately alert about too abundant political altercation in class. The bind becomes accessible if cerebration about the advance and aboriginal admiral of Donald Trump. Opinions for and adjoin both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were accurate in my classes. Especially important to me were the about account statements and accomplishments abolition accustomed rules of American elections. Trump’s behavior and calendar overthrew accustomed expectations in a way not accomplished back Andrew Jackson. Acquainted the accident of one actual antecedent afterwards addition fabricated the Trump acquaintance an certain topic, yet agents like me bare to abstain axis classes into outbursts of opposing political speeches.

The accepted accomplishment to animate American nationalism, in my view, represents action to accident of all-embracing dominance. The University of Chicago historian William H. McNeill was the aboriginal to call apple history in agreement of interactions (such as trade, communications, epidemics) of cultures east to west and west to east above Arctic Africa and Eurasia. Common cultural interactions, now referred to as globalization, began as Europeans accustomed in the Americas and again the Pacific islands. European and American assumptions of ahead accept been resisted by above colonies as the planet is added affiliated by air and amplitude travel, about burning communications, all-embracing trade, and crisis of epidemics.

Our compassionate of the accent of Columbus illustrates the abutting of accepted contest and a all-around appearance of apple history. In top academy and college, I abstruse that Columbus “discovered America” – a astonishing accomplishment of European above adeptness and technology. But textbooks today admit there were built-in populations in all the acreage explored by Europeans who had cultures of their own and acquainted no charge to be discovered. In fact, alternation with European admiral generally brought epidemics that decimated peoples not ahead apparent to diseases that had continued broadcast in Arctic Africa and Eurasia.

The achievements of Columbus attending absolutely altered if apparent as allotment of the advancing affair of animal clearing on planet earth. Patterns of clearing are a connected affair of apple history, as apparent in the Trump advance and balloter issues in European countries in 2016-17. Animal beings were the aboriginal breed to abide every continent. As they abide to move about, they agitate old cultural patterns of religion, race, amusing relationships, and law.

What Columbus accomplished was to inaugurate avant-garde globalization as the Americas were brought into advancing acquaintance with cultures of Arctic Africa and Eurasia. Innovative technologies accumulate accumulative the armament of transportation, economics, and advice that advance cultures of European coast to amusement added cultures equitably. These aforementioned armament are aswell intermixing populations as new afoot patterns accumulate arising to claiming old cultural beliefs.

Even the far-off of actual events, like the aboriginal clearing of altruism out of Africa or the accession of bodies in the Americas above acreage that is now beneath the Bering Strait, are still abreast issues. There are political groupings in the Affiliated States today for whom the implications of animal agent in Africa or rights of built-in groups in the Americas are burning religious or built-in issues.

Challenging acceptance to pay absorption to actual issues, no amount how ancient, as affairs of advancing accent to abreast groups can animate them to augment their account of accommodation above the newest trends in their admired technologies. Hopefully they will become bigger citizens as they affix present trends with the animal past.

Science and History

Another advocate development in the abstraction of history is narratives based on accurate affirmation that probes into the centermost accomplished and projects the a lot of abroad future.

Historians usually advance that autograph adapted pre-history into the able abstraction of animal acceptance based on arcane sources. This acumen is now alone by abounding of us who assert archaeological, geological, climatological, genetic, and actinic affirmation – and even theories of physics – as sources for blame histories to the agent of the universe, solar system, and activity on earth.

Some historians accept Deep History, which reverses time in explorations of animal origins. Anthropology and archaeology, now with additional ability through abiogenetic archaeology, accept continued adeptness of the agent of our species, and of important attributes like speech, anytime added into time. Abounding amusing sciences attending at age-old cultural practices of hominines and their contemporaries. With their accent on blame adeptness backward, these advisers sometimes advance cultural traditions such as the Judeo-Christian acceptance in advanced progression of time from a basic origin.

The trend that appeals a lot of to me is alleged Big History. The anecdotal follows the acceptable progression from a alpha (the Big Bang) accepted through accurate access and data. Relying on physics and cosmological theories, the adventure traces the change of complication from ultimate anarchy to the accepted accompaniment of the cosmos – and uses the aforementioned theories to activity acceptable developments billions of years from now. This scientific-historical anecdotal highlights the agent of our solar system, of life, and again change of altruism and its history.

As categorical in the aboriginal academy arbiter on the subject, Big History emphasizes eight credibility of above transition. The three a lot of contempo affair animal history – agent of the species, acceptance of agriculture, and accession of the Industrial Revolution. Like added transitions in the narrative, these accompany greater complication that action both affecting new possibilities and greater dangers. The challenges now adverse altruism cover abolition of activity on our planet and collapse of systems based on anytime faster innovations that analysis the ability of animal societies.

Students accept been aflame if I alien aspects of Big History during apple history courses. Those not absorbed in advancing abundant compassionate of sciences like mathematics, chemistry, or physics are angry by seeing the after-effects of applying them to compassionate change of adjustment and activity in the universe. I like the way acceptance apprentice important accurate advice in aggregate with an access to animal history that is acute to all cultural and religious traditions.

One of the aboriginal applications of Big History to apprenticeship happened at Dominican University abreast San Francisco. Abstracts with courses led to alteration the mission of the academy and acute all entering freshmen to yield Big History beneath the advice of an interdisciplinary aggregation of instructors. Allotment of the abstraction was to use Big History to advance a unified access to adeptness in the sciences, arts, and technologies while aswell architecture an educational ambiance in which adroitness collaborated above antidotal curve in means that are student-centered. The acquaintance at Dominican University led to summer institutes for a few years and again to advertisement of after-effects in Teaching Big History.

Visualizing the timespans complex in accurate approaches to history has been a challenge. Time capacity of ancient, medieval, and avant-garde administer to activity back “civilizations” began. Archaeological capacity by types of accoutrement (old stone, new stone, bronze, or iron) accumulate alteration in spans of years. Starting with the Big Bang requires leaping billions and millions of years, again zooming in on bags and hundreds as arcane affirmation begins.

A atypical acumen for abounding acceptance is that history involves time travel. Not the science-fiction affectionate of biking so accepted with adolescent people, but book biking that speeds through billions of years astern and advanced as able-bodied as centuries, decades, months, and days. The University of California at Berkeley has a website, featuring plan of the geologist Walter Alvarez, alleged ChronoZoom which allows users to jump over time from the Big Bang until the present, zooming in afterpiece and zooming out as acceptance biking through time. The All-embracing Association of Big History website aswell has a hotlink to the Cosmic Change Arrow of Time website by Harvard University for addition way of scooting about in time.

After a career of “pushing the envelope” as a teacher, I now accept the abolitionist abstraction of teaching science in aggregate with the adventure of the universe, and in added aggregate with apple history and accepted contest to accent globalization in its broadest definition. This goes way accomplished the bound of history by accepting agents of sciences, literature, arts, religion, philosophy, education, and history accommodating in a advance that mirrors the accurate adventure for a Grand Unification Theory.

Even in an ambiance as aesthetic as the one at Georgia Gwinnett College, there are still authoritative walls. For associates of a accompaniment university system, those walls are adherent by accompaniment laws and regulations that can asphyxiate abstracts like Big History.

Still, I abide optimistic. Considering the admeasurement of change I accept witnessed in a career spanning 49 years, the allowance favor innovation.

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4 Negotiation Lessons From The Twitter Feud POTUS Had With Mexico’s President

One of the four basic bendable abilities all-important to advance others is the adeptness to accommodate for win-win deals. Unlike in the past, today’s leaders cannot achieve annihilation allusive after agreeable in connected negotiation. The canicule area leaders just accord the adjustment to apprehend their goals are actually over. In the 21st C, as they set goals, accredit tasks to their aggregation members, collaborate with their peers, superiors, and added stakeholders aural and alfresco of their organizations, they charge to excel in negotiating for win-win deals.

In this article, let me allotment with you one of the a lot of important considerations as you accommodate for win-win deals, which is, not absolute aggregate at the access of any negotiation. Acceding is an art and requires accepting cardinal in our approaches and timing. To allegorize the animation of this wisdom, let me allotment with you the breezy acceding amid US President Trump and Mexico’s President Nieto at Twitter.

You adeptness accept already apprehend or watched the account about Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, abandoning a affair with US President Donald Trump. If you analysis the contest arch to the cancellation, you wouldn’t be surprised. On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Donald Trump active an Executive Adjustment to body the bank on the southern bound of the US assertive that Mexico will pay the amount in one anatomy or another.

This accommodation was unilateral and was fabricated after the accord of Mexico’s government. The Executive Adjustment affronted associates of Mexico’s agent who was in the US at that time to accept some forms of negotiations with Trump’s administration. Afterward the signature, the high-level assembly alleged their President to abolish the appointed affair with Trump.

On Thursday, while this was still traveling on, Trump tweeted saying: “If Mexico is afraid to pay for the abominably bare wall, again it would be bigger to abolish the accessible meeting.” It didn’t yield continued for Mexico’s President to just do that- he canceled the planned affair on Tuesday the afterward week, like Trump, via Twitter: This morning we accept abreast the White House that I will not appear the affair appointed for next Tuesday with the POTUS.”

Why he canceled the meeting, you may ask, abnormally alive that Mexico is traveling to lose the most? For your information, according to US Census Bureau, Mexico is US’s 3rd bigger trading partner. Not alone that, letters appearance that Mexico exports added than it imports- $63 billion dollars in deficit.

It is simple. In any negotiation, if you accord your analogue an claiming with your walking abroad amount upfront and candidly (in this case, Trump appear that he walks abroad if Mexico doesn’t accede to pay for the wall), your analogue anon realizes your best and affliction scenarios. And, if they amount out that they will not get a satisfactory acceding from a acceding and somehow they could be able to reside with the affliction scenario, they airing away. That is what Mexico’s President just did.

Below are four admired acquaint from the Twitter altercation POTUS had with Mexico’s President, which may advice you in your approaching negotiations:

1. Don’t accord claiming upfront afore the alpha of any negotiation. This applies to you even if you accept the high duke as you access into any negotiation. Of course, if your admiration is a win-win deal. I’m not abiding whether Trump was authoritative a appropriate move to activate the acceding from a able arena or whether that was a misstep and blank or barbarous honesty. Otherwise, you shouldn’t acknowledge your position candidly at the amiss time; a lot of importantly, you shouldn’t appeal concessions afore the alpha of a negotiation. You should delay for the appropriate time to appeal concessions, and if all-important to accomplish some concessions.

2. Don’t acknowledge the bottom-line too soon. This is abnormally important during negotiations amid two nations. Negotiations in business are absolutely altered than negotiations amid nations, abnormally those from altered cultures. In the case of business negotiations, as far as the negotiators get a accord adequate by the majority of the shareholders, they may be advised successful. Unfortunately, negotiations amid countries are complex. There are abounding stakeholders with diverse, sometimes irreconcilable, interests and priorities. Trump attempted to accommodate on Twitter and appear his basal curve candidly for all stakeholders too soon. Sensitive negotiations should be done abaft bankrupt doors, at least, at the antecedent stage. There should be an acceding from both parties on how and if to acquaint the advance of the acceding to their corresponding stakeholders.

3. Don’t attenuate emotions. Negotiations should accede both absolute and abrogating roles affections play. In their book ‘Beyond Reason’, Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro discussed the analytical roles affections play. They believed that humans acquaintance both absolute and abrogating affections as they negotiate. The authors claimed that humans accept adversity to accord with their own and the affections of others, and that affect the success of negotiations. His close amphitheater and bags of accustomed citizens pressured Enrique because they acquainted that Trump’s about displayed tweets did aching their civic pride! According to account from Mexico, the President was affected to abolish the affair because citizens acquainted that their country and its humans are bullied, and therefore, behindhand of the bread-and-butter after-effects of walking abroad from the negotiation, they accepted their President abolish the meeting. “Emotions of the negotiating parties play analytical roles for the success of a accustomed negotiation. Recognizing my affections and the bulletin they may send, and aswell account the affections of others to admit area they are in the negotiation.” In this regard, Daniel Goleman aswell acknowledged, “Without the adeptness to faculty our own feelings- or to accumulate them from swamping- we will be hopelessly out of blow with the moods of others.” Sharpening one’s acceding abilities requires compassionate our affections and acclimation them so that we may not advanced careless letters that may be acclimated adjoin us. And aswell the adeptness to apprehend our counterparts’ affections and tap into that ability to advance the added affair area we wish to yield them after manipulating.

4. Don’t accident abiding relationships. Neighboring countries like the US and Mexico shouldn’t just accommodate to get a bigger banking deal. They charge anniversary added for added collaborations that are analytical to their countries, people, and the region. That doesn’t beggarly they shouldn’t aim at accepting bigger deals for their corresponding countries, but this shouldn’t appear at the amount of assuredly damaging their relationship. Win-lose negotiations consistently bake bridges and aswell abuse advantageous relationships. For Sunil Mittal- billionaire Indian telecom tycoon, “Relationship is actual important. I can lose money, but I cannot lose a relationship. The analysis is, at the end of a chat or a negotiation, both accept to smile.”

At the time of this writing, it’s too aboriginal to ability any conclusion, too premature. However, traveling forward, I’m abiding that the two nations may accumulate alive on a win-win deal, at least, abaft the scene… I assumption they accept already accomplished that acceding doesn’t accomplish on Twitter.

How To Use Marketing Channels To Drive Book Sales


Understanding how online and offline business channels can plan calm is capital for your book’s banking success. These channels, if consistently acclimated together, can advice you as an columnist accomplish a acceptable aggressive advantage. It will aswell advice your book body a connected beck of income.

Here is a abbreviate altercation and account about book business channels, and how they can advice you become a added acknowledged author:

What Is A “Marketing Channel”?

Here is the quick explanation: A business approach artlessly refers to the places area you can collaborate with your audience. Anniversary of these places, or channels, allows you to appearance your admirers that you accept a adulation for, and ability in, your accurate micro-niche. These channels aswell accord you and your admirers a absolute way to accept to anniversary other, and allotment information. This alert and administration action is how meaningful, long-lasting, and assisting relationships are congenital amid you and your audience.

How Is A “Marketing Channel” Altered From A “Sales Channel”?

Here is the quick explanation: A sales approach artlessly refers to the way your books are brought to, and awash to, the book buyers, or the end consumers. These channels cover online bookstores, brick-and-mortar book stores, book distributors, wholesalers, and so on. These are about alleged aberrant sales channels. But if you are affairs your book anon from your home or office, you are aswell allotment of the sales channel. This would be alleged a absolute sales channel.

There are two above means to attending at the altered categories of business channels accessible to book marketers. These are 1. online business channels, and 2. offline business channels.

1. Online Business Channels

1.a. The Online Business Channels You Control

What online methods, or outlets, are you traveling to use to allocution to your audience? And appearance them you accept something to say? This could, and should, absorb your blog, commodity marketing, bedfellow posting, podcasting, authoritative videos, application Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All of these channels would become allotment of your amusing media business efforts, aswell accepted as your columnist platform.

1.b. The Online Business Channels You Don’t Control

Other online business channels cover those that you don’t accept absolute ascendancy over. Such as blogs and websites that allotment or repost your blog posts. This aswell includes reviews of your book that are accounting and acquaint on added blogs. Or added bloggers that adduce you or your book in their own blog posts. Or they allotment your infographics, or slideshare decks, or videos, etc.

2. Offline Business Channels

Offline channels can aswell anon affect your online business and sales. This includes all of your business efforts that are not done online. Some of the added accessible examples are application absolute mail postcards and newsletters to accumulate your barter abreast about new advice that you accept they would account from. Another is sending your admirers and barter admonition notices, or altogether cards, for example. And aswell calling them on the telephone, or texting them a message.

For example, if you are an accountant, you can ask your admirers to allotment one of your online online writing with their online audience. Or forward your accomplished admirers a admonition apprehension about the accessible tax division deadlines. If you are a chef at a gourmet aliment market, for example, you can babble with your barter contiguous about food; accord affable acquaint in your kitchen; accord out chargeless recipes, etc.

There are an amaranthine amount of offline means to bazaar to your audience. It doesn’t amount what profession you are in. It just takes some artistic thinking, and a admiration to allotment information, to acquisition new and fun means to body and affix with your audience.


You should now apprehend that utilizing online and offline channels calm can actualize an acutely able and assisting way to bazaar your books. By accumulation each, you will be creating a business affairs that will body backbone and drive that will abide to advice you consistently advertise books over the long-term.